spring coasters...


stitches used are
sc- single crochet
dc- double crochet
made into cluster stitches
crab stitch or reverse single crochet

I used Patons Grace cotton and for the tut
a B hook
I use US terms
I used an
for the middle
it makes for a neater circle
but if you don't know how to do it
make a normal loop

row 1
in a magic loop
12 sc
join with a sl st


ch3 and make a cluster of 3 sts in the same sc as the ch 3
in next sc
make a 3 st 
and in each sc around
 3 st cluster stitches
join with sl st in top of first ch

(a cluster stitch is made with unfinished double crochets and you are left with many loops on the hook...
make as many stitches as needed and then pull yarn through all loops on hook to finish)

the above is a 3 stitch cluster

the finished cluster

row 3
ch 3 and make a 4 stitch cluster in between  each cluster in the previous row
join in top of first ch

row 4/5
for the next two rows
 make sc in each stitch around

the last row of the coaster is done in
reverse single crochet
which is to say the sc done in reverse


 at the beginning of a row
ch 1
put the hook in the stitch to the right of the hook
from the bottom front  up
yo and pull through

hook into the stitch to the right of the hook
bottom front up
yo and pull through

it will feel very clumsy at first but if you do it slowly and deliberately
it will become second nature to you by the time you reach the end!!!!
:) :) :)

the stitch looks like a rope and finishes of the edge beautifully
if you have trouble understanding how to hook bacwards there are instructions online
it's called the
crab stitch

as always if there is a mistake or a problem
let me know
and we'll fix it


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